Audit Protection Plan

Imagine you go to your mailbox, pull everything out looking for something more exciting than junk mail, and there it is…an envelope with the return address “Internal Revenue Service” on it.

Your heart starts to race and you break out in a sweat.  You open it and it’s a notice that the IRS is either questioning items on your tax return or you’re going to be audited.  Worse yet, you find out someone stole your identity, filed a tax return in your name, and collected a fraudulent refund!

You might wonder why you received the letter from the IRS in the first place since you have your tax returns prepared by a professional.  The truth is anyone is subject to the scrutiny of the IRS for a variety of reasons. 

With our Audit Protection Plan, we’ll protect you from ever having to deal with the tax authorities by yourself in case you get a notice from the IRS.  If you are ever summoned to meet with an IRS agent in person, we’ll attend on your behalf!

All this happens without any extra charges to you. Isn’t that a relief? Without our Audit Protection Plan in place, receiving an audit notification will cost you anywhere from $3,500 to $10,000 and up to have a licensed tax professional defend you in an audit.

For a small fee that’s added to your tax preparation invoice, we’ll shield and protect you from ever having to deal with the tax authorities by yourself in the event you receive a notice from the IRS or state tax authorities.  And if you ever have to meet with an agent in person, we’ll attend the meeting on your behalf.

You’ll have the option to “opt out” of the plan if you choose; otherwise, you can agree to the protection by paying the fee.  If you choose to “opt out” of the Audit Protection Plan, you will be charged our usual hourly rates to handle any notices you receive from the IRS.